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Are you craving some Alaskan crab, but don’t know what kind to purchase? Well, we have everything you could ever need from the crab world! People say our Alaskan Crab is worth every penny, and we are sure you will agree after you have had a taste. There are endless amounts of recipes, dips, or ways to eat Alaskan Crab alone.

The biggest difference in our range of crab options is the “WOW” factor that comes with opening a box containing crab legs almost as long as your arm! We aim to make buying and eating our crab as an experience rather than something you just do. Our goal is to make your mouth drop with amazement at the size while also making your tastebuds breakdance with its undeniable flavor.

Ultimate Super Colossal

To start off, I would like to congratulate you on finding the diamond in the rough! This package option is for all the adventure seekers and the cooking scientists out there. The Ultimate Super Colossal package is a box of the largest crab that we sell. If you’re looking for something to steal the show, and impress anyone who walks through your door or to even treat yourself to the best crab around then this deal is for you.

What’s included:
5 pounds of Super Colossal King Crab

Epic Crab Essentials

It is a known fact that there are many different types of crab out there, and the task of buying the “correct” kind can be daunting; however, we have made it extremely simple to get you into the crab world. Before you know it, you will have preferences of your own therefore making you a crab expert. We have made this package with the common person in mind due to the endless possibilities!

What’s Included:
1.5 pounds of Jumbo King Crab Legs
4 pounds of our Colossal King Crab

The variation between these two types of crab makes it possible for you to both be able to taste crab by itself along with in another dish. Our Jumbo King Crab Legs are perfect for starting off because of their size. Being easy to cook and prepare, it is the best option to start off cooking with some of the freshest Alaskan King Crab you can buy!

Happy Cooking!

For a limited time only, this package deal includes FREE SHIPPING!

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