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Have you ever needed a break from all the mundane flavors of this world?

Our Alaskan Smoked Scallops are here to do just that. The flavors within our Scallops are unmatched. Each scallop is fully brined in our secret formula of ingredients before being individually placed on racks to go into our smoker. We then carefully watch the smoker because there is a certain time where the flavor is at its’ fullest before starting to become harsh. After smoking, our Alaskan Smoked Scallops are packaged into 1/2 lb packages.

We encourage you not to miss out on this smoking deal!

5 Facts About Our Alaskan Smoked Scallops

  • Packaged in half pound portions
  • Our scallops have been brined and smoked at our facility
  • Sold by the the half pound
  • Alaskan Smoked Scallops are known for their savory flavor and melt in your mouth texture
  • Scallops have been known to live up to 20 years

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Weight.5 lbs