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Ahoy fellow voyagers! 

Blimey, do we have a treasure for you so halt the hunt and look no further because marks the spot.

Whether your a deckhand working the bow, or the experienced captain hollering the orders we’ve got everything ye may ever need.

Included in each bounty:

Captain’s Special: $894.95

5lbs Colossal King Crab Legs
5lbs Halibut
5lbs Sockeye Salmon
5lbs Scallops
2lbs Smoked Rockfish

Deckhand’s Deal: $360.95

2lbs Colossal King Crab Legs
2lbs Halibut
2lbs Sockeye Salmon
2lbs Scallops
1lb Smoked Rockfish

Alast we advise you not to steer away from this deal cause Davy Jones himself may just be a legend, but this sure ain’t.

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Alaskan Seafood Feast

Captain's Special, Deckhand's Deal