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Custom Seafoods is excited to show you our Alaskan Smoked Reindeer Sausage Dogs!

We hand mix, stuff and smoke our hickory smoked sausage right here in our warehouse. Made with beef, pork, reindeer, and spices. This is not your typical hot dog!

Versatile enough to be  grilled, be added to meals, or sliced up and served on a platter for a party. Our German Reindeer Sausage dog is very flavorful, yet mild. While our Jalapeno Cheese adds just enough heat to spice up any meal. If heat isn’t what your looking for, then we also have our Smokey Cheddar Dogs which grill up beautifully.

You will have so many choices when it comes to these delicious Sausage dogs, it would be a shame to let it pass you by.

Keep in freezer (1-2 months for best quality) or refrigerator (2 weeks if unopened | up to 7 days after opening).

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Weight1 lbs
Alaskan Smoked Reindeer Sausage Dogs

German, Jalapeno Cheese, Cheddar