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Have you ever wanted smoked salmon as a snack on the go? Or have you ever needed to bring a snack to a get together that you procrastinated a little too long for? Well we’ve found a solution; our smoked canned salmon is the answer!

The cans contain Wild Alaskan salmon. It has been prepared in a brine with a little salt, brown sugar, and liquid smoke. It can be eaten straight from the can or be used in a variety of recipes. The long shelf life of our cans make it possible to hide a stash from the rest of family, until your ready to have it all to yourself.

If you’re worried your stash might run low a week after ordering, take a look at our 24 pack bundle. Our 24 pack is perfect for all those snacks on the go, adventurous recipes, or hangouts that you have planned, while still saving a few just for you stashed in the back cupboard.

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