A hunter hikes out the head of a bull elk

You did it! Congratulations on your successful hunting trip. The hunt may be over, but the memories, laughter, or possible frustration is something you’ll never forget. Now, let us turn that prime game meat into some amazing sticks, dogs, or sausage however you please. We aim to make coming home from a hunt something of enjoyment rather than dread of how you are ever going to process your monster catch. When bringing your meat in, please ensure that your product is clean because we believe that you deserve the best product possible. Along with being clean, we require a 15# minimum of your own product to make into sausage or a 20# minimum for burger. We then take your 15#’s and add 10#’s or pork for a 25# batch of something insanely delicious.

We always guarantee the return of your own meat!
Wild Game Processing Prices
Prices based on incoming weights
Bone-In Wild Game
$1.00 /lb
Steaks, roasts, vacuum sealing and freezing.
Bone -Out Wild Game
$1.50 /lb
Steaks, roasts, vacuum sealing and freezing.