Wild Game Processing

We only accept clean meat to ensure that your product is made to the quality that you deserve. Proper care and cleaning of the meat is important to guarantee the best taste and quality. There is a required 25-pound batch minimum on each item. We always guarantee the return of your own meat!

Example: 15lbs game meat and 10lbs pork equals 25lbs.

CUSTOM CUTTING – Prices based on incoming weights
Steaks, roasts, vacuum sealing and freezing.
Bone in Wild Game pr lb $ .89
Bone out Wild Game pr lb $1.25
WILD GAME BURGER – Prices based on finished weights ($20 min.)
For a juicy hamburger, 10-15% fat should be added.
…..Finished weight One lb packs $ 1.00
….. Two lb packs $ .79

HICKORY SMOKED SAUSAGES – Prices based on finished weights

German & Polish Sausage $2.95 lb
Pepper Sticks $3.75 lb
Teriyaki Sticks $3.75 lb
Jalapeno Cheddar Sticks $4.25 lb
Honey BBQ Sticks $4.75 lb
Summer Sausage $2.95 lb
Cheddar Dogs $3.25 lb
Cotto Salami or Bologna $3.25 lb
Skinless Hot Dogs $2.95 lb
Jalapeno Cheddar Dogs/Summer $3.50 lb
Brats $3.25 lb
Pepperoni $3.25 lb
Breakfast & Italian $2.95 lb